Cancer Breakthrough Reported by Novogen

by Kathy Jones on Apr 9 2013 9:00 PM

 Cancer Breakthrough Reported by Novogen
Australian drug company Novogen Limited revealed that it has succeeded in isolating the most potent form of its lead anti-cancer drug candidate, CS-6.
Novogen revealed that CS-6 is a chiral molecule, a molecule that has a non-superposable mirror image, which means that it exists in both left and right-hand forms known as enantiomers.

The company revealed that isolating the most potent form of the drug will allow it to manufacture both left and right hand forms of enantiomers.

“The ability to manufacture CS-6 in both left- and right-hand forms represents a significant milestone in the development of this compound. The indication that one form of CS-6 is active at nanomolar concentrations against a broad spectrum of brain cancer lines is exciting and indicates that the earlier potencies we have seen against cancer cells and cancer stem cells are likely to be even greater with the purified enantiomer. We are now positioned to rapidly progress CS-6 to the clinic”, Novogen Chief Scientific Officer Dr Andrew Heaton said.