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Canadians Warned Against Lead Contamination of Natural Health Products
Health Canada has issued an alert against heavy metal contamination of natural health products manufactured by Wild Vineyard based in the Manitoba province.

In a warning posted on its website Friday, the federal agency said Wild Vineyard is not authorized to manufacture, package, label or import natural health products in Canada. The agency said it was worried the products may pose a health risk to consumers.

The Selkirk-based company has recalled all of its products, which are available at retail stores across the country and over the internet despite the fact that they are not authorized for sale in Canada.

Health Canada has also placed an import alert on the company with the Canada Border Services Agency.

In an interview with the Winnipeg Sun, company manager Terry Bell said he was not aware of anyone falling ill because of the products and that the recall was issued "as a precaution."

"I've had clients calling me saying, 'This is the only thing that makes me feel good,' " Bell said. 

But in its release, Health Canada said it has "evidence" that some Wild Vineyard products had been affected by heavy metal contamination, including substances such as lead. It did not specify what the evidence was.

Health Canada said the products might also have been labelled inappropriately.

Symptoms of exposure to heavy metals can include nausea; abdominal pain; vomiting; muscle cramps; diarrhea; heart abnormalities; anemia; and bone, liver, kidney and nervous system problems.

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