Campaigners Claim Disabled Kids Are Ignored By Advertisers

by Rukmani Krishna on Dec 26 2013 11:44 PM

 Campaigners Claim Disabled Kids Are Ignored By Advertisers
Disabled children are highly ignored by advertisers when it comes to selecting youngsters for their ad campaigns, claim campaigners.
Debi Clark, owner of Bizzykids, UK's largest child talent and model agency, said that advertising companies should use disabled kids more often in campaigns, Sky News reported.

Clark said that she has only two disabled children listed with her talent agency and in 20 years, she has only had three requests for such children.

Clark explained that it is great that ad firms have broken the boundaries by using them at all, but what they do is they use them to hit the headlines, and then never use them again.

Meanwhile, Rosemary Frazer, working at disability charity Scope, said that using disabled people in ad campaigns challenge people's perceptions about disability, and then they come to see that disabled people are very much like everybody else.

Clothing firm Boden recently used 8-year-old Holly Greenhow, who suffers from athetoid cerebral palsy, in an online ad campaign.