by Hannah Punitha on  July 31, 2008 at 1:44 PM Lifestyle News
 Campaign to Legalise Brothels to Protect Prostitutes
Two members from the Women's Institute of the UK (WI) have toured the world's brothels to find the best one.

Jean Johnson, 62, and Shirley Landells, 73, visited Holland, the US and New Zealand in their search for the perfect brothel, reports the Sun.

Their campaign to legalise brothels to protect prostitutes came after five street call girls were murdered in Ipswich.

The pair, from Hampshire W.I., named the Purely Blue Brothel in Auckland, New Zealand, as the world's perfect.

According to Jean, it was 'lovely, just like a hotel'.

Shirley said: "Some people say prostitution shouldn't happen, but it does. Providing somewhere for it would help to make the girls safer."

Jean added: "Everybody looks on these girls as being the lowest stratum of society - and that's not true."

Johnson and Landells, whose tour is featured in a Channel 4 show on July 27, have presented a petition to Downing Street calling for brothels to be legalised.

Source: ANI

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