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 Campaign to Counter Black Magic Practitioners Launched in Chhattisgarh
The police and the voluntary organisations have launched campaign to spread awareness against superstitions and black magic in Chhattisgarh.

Through interactive sessions with the residents, the police are trying to make them understand the logic and scientific reason behind 'miracles', which could be mere cheap tricks.

"We are propagating that superstitious beliefs and rituals should not be followed in any village. The residents need to be made aware of such things. And if any such incidents occur, the police should be informed immediately,' said Illiyas Ikka, sub-inspector, Pasta Police Station.

The police are also preparing them to take the campaign further themselves.

"Black magic and such things happen in the village. The police are making us understand that such things should not happen. We will further spread it in various villages. We will try to create awareness regarding it especially amongst the womenfolk as they are the ones who are most affected by it,' sais Khepatram Yadav, a resident.

The campaign is the brainchild of Vishwaranjan Singh, the Director General of Police. Singh has lived in various tribal areas of the State and has seen people fall prey to superstition.

Bidding for 'reason' and trying to explain logic behind one of the famous rituals of fire walking, Singh walked on fire himself. He is also trying to encourage more and more voluntary organisations to take up the cause.

"In Raigarh, this campaign has gone into the hands of the voluntary organisations. 12 such organisations are already working on this campaign. The police are only catalysts in the process. We are the catalyst agents. We are making them understand logic behind such things like walking on fire. When I walked on fire in Raigarh, almost 300 people walked on it after me," said Singh.

Such irrational beliefs can be easily attributed to lack of education and awareness.

Source: ANI

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