Bullet-Proof Bags and School Uniforms in Demand in the US

by Kathy Jones on Apr 27 2013 2:52 PM

 Bullet-Proof Bags and School Uniforms in Demand in the US
Rise in gun violence has seen sales of bullet-proof clothing grow rapidly in the US with worried parents opting for bullet-proof bags and school uniforms for their children.
Denver-based Elite Sterling Security has come out with a line of school bags lined with ballistic material that can stop a 9mm bullet and has so far sold 300 backpacks, with the company stating that it has received inquiries from another 2,000 families in the country.

Miguel Caballero is offering bulletproof children’s clothing line and school uniforms and while the uniforms are not full body suits, they do protect the vital organs of the children. Caballero revealed that he has tested the suits by making his employees wear them and then firing bullets at them.

Schools are also taking precautionary measures, with many of them converting their whiteboards into ballistic shields. Says Barry Tull, the headteacher at Worcester Prep where 80 ballistic shields have been utilized as whiteboards, “Our teachers were concerned to begin with about whether they were expected to be first responders, but at least they feel they have something now as opposed to cowering in the corner with their kids.”