Bulgaria Reports New Outbreaks of Newcastle Disease

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 15 2007 5:09 PM

New outbreaks of Newcastle disease in poultry were reported in the northwest of Bulgaria on Thursday, where Bulgarian veterinary authorities confirmed cases of the disease in late August.

The illness, which can cause respiratory problems, swelling and, in extreme cases, death in birds, and conjuctivitis or flu-like symptoms in humans, had spread from the village of Kravoder to small backyard farms in the region.

In late August, 40 chicken and turkeys in Kravoder died from the disease, which was confirmed through tests.

Local veterinarians preventively culled the remaining 148 birds in 11 backyard farms in the village but failed to contain the highly contagious milder version of bird flu.

A ban on trading poultry and poultry products on open air markets was imposed in the region of the new outbreaks and authorities started vaccinating all poultry breeded in the 74 villages in the area.

The export of poultry meat from the 10-kilometre surveillance zone around the infection-hit farms was also banned.