Brits Rule the Quickies List

by Rajashri on Aug 14 2008 4:03 PM

A new poll finds that Brits are the king of quick sex and spend very little time in foreplay.

According to the new Europe-wide sex poll, Swedes have the most sexual partners, Germans love sex toys the most and Italians are most likely to film themselves having sex.

The study showed that 69 percent of Germans' sex lasts for two hours, with Brits' session lasting for just five minutes.

The survey commissioned by TV channel Virgin1 to support the new documentary 'The British Suck in Bed', reveals how the British compare to the Germans, Swedes, French and Italians when it comes to bedroom activities.

Compared to the saucy Swedes where over half have sex on the first date, Brits lag behind, preferring to take things a little more sedately.

"British people have a reputation of being bad between the sheets and it now seems, in some respects, that it is correct," the Daily Star quoted Comedienne Olivia Lee, who presents the show, as saying.

"While our Euro neighbours seem to see sex as one long indulgence, many of us just want a drunken quickie before we nod off to sleep.

"Britain's massive booze culture has a lot to do with it," Lee added.