Brits Merriest When With Family

by Nancy Needhima on Jan 7 2012 9:09 PM

Brits Merriest When With Family
It’s the simple things in life offering pleasure which explains why over half of Britons feel happiest when they spend time with family, reveals a new study.
Taking a walk on a beautiful day, keeping fit, bagging a bargain or getting a quick smile from someone are the foremost things that give people the 'Feel Good Factor'.

More than a quarter (27 per cent) of the participants said that they are happy simply when someone is nice or smiles at them, according to the Feel Good Factor index from insurer PruHealth.

But cash-strapped Britons still love to bargain, with more than one in 10 feeling a warm glow after getting a good money-saving deal.

The survey of 2,014 adults revealed that spending time with the family gives more than half (56 per cent) the most pleasure, followed by seeing the achievements of loved ones like children and grandchildren (30 per cent), the Daily Express reported.

A quarter revealed that taking a walk on a beautiful day or getting a good night's sleep makes them happy, while 17 per cent get a buzz from doing something for someone else.

"It would be great if everyone could smile at someone today and get the warm glow from knowing you've made someone happy," Dr Katie Tryon, health and wellbeing expert at PruHealth, said.

"It's really important for our physical and mental wellbeing to feel good, and as our index shows there are many inexpensive ways to get that feeling, including taking time out to go for a walk," Dr Tryon added.