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 Brits Feel Relaxed Only When Connected to Internet
A new survey has revealed that British people feel happy and relaxed only when they are connected to Internet.

The obsession with online social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter is keeping two-thirds of the population hooked to Internet 24 hours a day.

They are busy looking for new lovers or clothes that they want to keep in constant touch with dating and shopping websites.

According to the report by Virgin Media, the fear of getting lost is also prompting people to have permanent access to the web so that they can log onto GPS mapping systems through their iPhone or Blackberry.

The experts have labelled the new generation as the "SOSOs" - who "switch on to switch off". lmost 35 pct of the respondents said they are more relaxed if they have the Internet at their fingertips.

Around a third said being without the Internet caused them stress because they couldn't work while 27 percent feared that they could miss an important message from a friend.

"SOSOs know that, even if they wish to take some time out, the modern world will continue without them," the Sun quoted psychologist Nik Simpson as saying.

"At any moment, an urgent email may ping into an inbox, a client may call, an old friend may get in touch via facebook or a family member may want to get in touch.

"Disconnecting from technology might mean missing something we cannot afford to. Always being connected actually becomes increasingly essential for peace of mind, further reinforcing SOSO values," Simpson added.

Source: ANI

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