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Britons Are Taking In More Booze ‘By Stealth’ Says UK Study
According to an analysis of consumption in the UK, people are taking in more booze 'by stealth', thanks to stronger drinks that are on sale.

Researchers Mintel, who headed the survey, found the alcohol consumption level per person had leaped by 10 per cent since last nine years despite steady drink sales.

The research firm suggested the change could be linked to wines and lagers that were boasting of stronger alcohol content than before, leaving people unaware of the changes, reports the BBC.

Mintel, that also used data from a series of sources such as the NHS and sales information from shops, bars and pubs, said the alcohol content of wine is now normally around 13 per cent as compared to an estimated 11 per cent in the past.

Premium 5 per cent lagers were also growing in popularity.

Jonny Forsyth, a senior drinks analyst at Mintel, said: "It may be that the majority of consumers are not aware of ABV (alcohol by volume).

"So despite a greater societal concern with being healthy leading to a decline in drinking penetration, by stealth we are drinking more pure alcohol than ever."

Don Shenker, chief executive of Alcohol Concern, added: "Consumers have limited information to help them make healthy choices about their alcohol consumption.

"There is often no information about units and even rarer information about sensible drinking levels on the labels of alcohol products.

"The increasing strength of wines and beers means we are often drinking at harmful levels without realizing it."

Source: ANI

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