Britney's Father Gets Protective and Bans Her from Booze, Fast Food and Sex

by Savitha C Muppala on Dec 1 2008 1:58 PM

Well known celebrity Britney Spears now faces a ban by her father, Jamie, who has forbidden her from alcohol, junk food and sex.

Jamie fears that his 26-year-old daughter is still fragile after her breakdown last year and worried the pressures of a comeback may push her over the edge.

Therefore, he has introduced some strict rules for the singer, hoping they will keep her out of trouble while she's in the UK.

All alcohol was stopped from getting anywhere near her lips during the entire stay.

And whenever the singer left her hotel room, she was surrounded at all times by a giant entourage to stop her spending any private time with male friends.

The strict regime saw her locked in the Dorchester Hotel all day until her convoy arrived to whisk her off to the X Factor studios in Wembley.

The pop princess was under curfew immediately after the live show too. She wasn't allowed to hit any London clubs.

"All of this is ridiculous - Jamie's set up more protocols here than there is for a Royal visit," News of the World quoted a source, as saying.

"Jamie has felt guilty for a long time about letting Britney go off the rails and is determined it won't happen again.

"He thinks if he can remove all the temptations and vices that led her down her destructive path she can finally move on from her troubled past.

"But already it's proving difficult so he's demanding staff must follow his orders - and Britney has to do the same," the source added.