Britishers Prefer Ready to Make Food Options

by Bidita Debnath on Oct 3 2013 11:04 PM

 Britishers Prefer Ready to Make Food Options
One-sixth of Britishers prefer ready to make food options rather than using fresh spices and vegetables to prepare food, reveals a recent study.
The study done by Co-operative Food, a brand devised for the grocery business of the consumer co-operative movement in Britain, reveals that British families prefer to eat from packet-based or jarred ingredients to making evening meals at least four times a week, reports

Dishes like meatballs, sausage casserole and cottage pie are the favourite among people as they are easily available as packaged food.

"The research shows we're a nation of makers and fakers when it comes to evening meals. For the majority of British adults, life is one big juggling act and often the thought of having to prepare a meal from the bare ingredients after a really long day can be an unwelcome one," said Andrew Mann of Co-operative Food.

"Who wants to always be spending hours in the kitchen cooking on a Saturday night when you could be settling down in front of the TV with the family and enjoying 'The X Factor'," he added.

The top 20 packet food dishes of Britishers are-

- Fajitas

- Spaghetti bolognese

- Lasagne

- Chicken curry

- Stir fry

- Chilli con carne

- Enchiladas

- Pasta bake

- Pizza

- Sausage casserole

- Chicken casserole

- Spaghetti carbonara

- Cottage pie

- Shepherd's pie

- Burritos

- Coq au vin

- Meatballs and tagliatelle

- Macaroni cheese

- Beef stew

- Beef stroganoff