British Spend 5 Billion Pounds on Unused Items Annually

by Bidita Debnath on Sep 9 2013 9:57 PM

 British Spend 5 Billion Pounds on Unused Items Annually
The British collectively waste five billion pounds every year on items that they buy and never use, reveals a new research. Apparel tops the list.
In a poll, conducted by tattoo website, two-thirds of British nationals confessed to regularly spending frivolously on products that they don't need, with the average annual spend being 212 pounds per person, or over five billion pounds as a nation, reports

Total 66 percent of respondents admitted to buying clothing that they had never even worn.

The top ten most common clothing items that British have wasted their money on are:

- Platform flip-flops (a type of open-toed sandal)

- Crop tops (a T-shirt or blouse with the lower part cut off, showing off some of the midriff)

- Creepers (a type of shoe usually with suede uppers and thick crepe soles)

- Disco trousers (a form-fitting, high-waist unisex stretch glittery pant)

- Leather trousers

- Drop hem dress or skirt (a free-flowing dress or skirt)

- Printed leggings

- Dip-dye clothing (a dyed clothing)

- Dungarees (trousers or overalls made of denim fabric)

- Tassel clothing (clothes with loose threads or cords bound at one end and hanging free at the other)

"The majority of us have probably bought something and then realised later that it was a bit of a frivolous purchase. The most common item for this being clothes isn't surprising, as all sorts of factors influences the way we feel about our appearance, which makes second thoughts understandable," said David Wain-Heapy, founder of

"The phrase 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' is in common use for a reason. An impulse purchase might seem sensible, but on reflection you often realise it probably wasn't necessary," Wain-Heapy added.