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British Schoolgirl Had FOUR Abortions Before Her 16th Birthday
Shocking new figures reveal that a British schoolgirl had four abortions before her 16th birthday.

The teenager, who underwent her fourth feticide in 2012, is among more than 200 under-16s to have had repeat abortion in the past three years.

Shockingly, a further five of these teenagers had three abortions before reaching the age of consent.

The shocking news comes amid concern that terminations are being used by teenagers as an alternative form of contraception.

According to the Department of Health figures, a total of 84 under-16s had abortions for a second time or more in 2011.

According to the statistics, the total rose to 89 out of 2,925 under-16s to have abortions in 2012, but fell to 68 of 2,538 girls last year.

Norman Wells of the Family Education Trust the other day said that too many teenagers were having sex without thinking about the aftereffects.

"Too many are being taught that they have a right to enjoy sex without consequences and are free to dispose of any unborn child that threatens their lifestyle," he said.

As per the data, as many as 185,331 British women of all age groups had terminations last year and of these, 50 were treated for a staggering nine abortions of more.

Earlier this year, a High Court Judge gave the right to a 13-year-old schoolgirl to choose whether to have an abortion.

Mr. Justice Mostyn held that the teenager was capable of making up her own mind as to whether or not to keep the child.

Shockingly, the teenager, who lives with her parents, realized she was pregnant only when her grandmother spotted her growing bump and took her for medical tests.

She is said to have thought she had been gaining a little weight for other reasons.

A detailed medical check up confirmed she was pregnant, but the distressed teenager said she was not ready to begin a family life at such a young age and sought a termination.

She was 21 weeks pregnant when the case went before the High Court as an urgent hearing in March.

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