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British Mother Gives Birth to Giant Size Baby Boy!
Amanda Ellerton gave birth to a 2 feet baby weighing an amazing 14 1/2 lbs, nearly twice the average weight of 7.5lb.

Baby Shaune Benjamin Nicholson made his entry into the world after a six-hour struggle with the help of four midwives in a natural delivery with only gas and air.

Shaune's birth became a bit complicated because of his size, as his shoulder became lodged behind the mother's pelvic bone and it took four midwives to set him free.

Mum Ellerton, 24, who already had two kids, was however surprised why the baby was taking so much time to come out.

"I couldn't understand why he wasn't coming easily. He was ten days late, so I knew he would be a bit bigger, but certainly not the size he was. Once his head appeared I could see the surprise on everyone's faces," the Daily Mail quoted Ellerton, as saying."

"It was very painful but it was all worth it for our big bundle of joy," she said.

The baby is still less than a week old and is already the size of a six-month-old and there were no clothes prepared to fit his size.

"I was told he was going to be big but he was huge. We had brought some clothes for him but they were no use," she said.

Dad Nicholson believed that it was his family line that was responsible for Shaune's huge size, as his mother was born weighing 13lbs.

Till now the heaviest recorded baby was Anna Bates, in Canada in 1879 at 23.12lb.

Source: ANI

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