British Man Sentenced to Community Work for Circulating Nude Pictures of Former Girl Friend

by Gopalan on Aug 7 2008 11:37 AM

 British Man Sentenced to Community Work for Circulating Nude Pictures of Former Girl Friend
Richard Bradford of Sussex, UK has been sentenced to one year of community work for circulating nude pictures of his former girlfriend to take revenge on her after their relationship broke down.
He and Shivanthi Panchalingam, a nurse of Berkshire, had taken intimate pictures of one and another in August last year. But subsequently the relationship got soured.

That was the girl got the shock of her life. A friend called her up to say he had seen her nude photograph.

In a statement, read out by the prosecution at the court, she said: 'My friend Steven received a picture of me naked. You could see my front and the photos were detailed.
I have not seen any of the others.

'I find it very distressing and cannot bear to look at them. He sent them to my whole address book.'

'I am embarrassed to say the least. I am a ward sister; people work below me and I am worried about my career credibility.

'I have been unable to cope with this anymore.'

As well as the photographs, Reading Magistrates' Court heard how Bradford, 37, had called Panchalingam up to 40 times a week at work.

Bradford initially denied harassing Panchalingam, but later changed his plea.

Simon Hammudi, defending, said: 'My client is sorry about his behaviour and says it was unreasonable and has not had any contact with the victim since the allegation.'

Valerie Boddington, presiding magistrate, handed him a one-year community order, a supervision order of nine months and ordered him pay the victim £200 in compensation and £100 costs.

Bradford also had a restraining order placed on him to have no contact directly or indirectly with Panchalingam and prohibited him from going within 200 yards of the hospital unless for a medical appointment or emergency.

It's not the first time that e-mail has been used to enact revenge, nor the first time that naked photographs have come back to haunt the person posing for them.
Four years ago a jilted boyfriend was jailed after setting up a website with naked pictures and film of his former lover.

He then printed business cards giving the web address and handed them out at her 21st birthday party, posted them through her neighbours' letterboxes and gave them to her work colleagues.

It is not just men who use humiliation as revenge. A survey found that eight out of ten women would take revenge on a partner who dumped them - with most using the internet and email to get even, Daily Mail reports.


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