by Tanya Thomas on  July 27, 2010 at 11:03 AM Lifestyle News
 Britain's Fattest Woman Dies in Hospital While Secretly Binging
After secretly binging on family buckets of chicken, fish and chips in hospital, Britain's fattest woman at 45st passed away.

Sharon Mevsimler, 40, begged her family to sneak take-aways into the Chelmsford hospital where she was on a strict diet.

Even horrified witnesses saw relatives smuggling fast food to the gorging mum of four.

She was so huge that a trolley collapsed as she was wheeled to the mortuary.

"She simply would not stop eating. She obviously had a serious underlying problem with food, but did nothing to help herself," the Sun quoted a National Health Service (NHS) source as saying.

"Those who came to visit her in hospital did her no favours," said the source.

"We saw them bringing in various fatty foods like fish and chips and huge portions of fried chicken when she should not have been eating these things.

"It was infuriating to see her literally eating herself to death," the NHS source added.

Sharon's bulk put so much strain on her lungs she needed an oxygen tank to breathe.

She was repeatedly warned she was eating herself to death.

But she refused to stop bingeing - despite undergoing a 30,000 pounds op on the NHS earlier this year to have a gastric band fitted. It was meant to have curbed her gargantuan appetite.

A source confirmed: "She died on Saturday. Because of her weight, hospital staff had to be very careful how she was moved."

NHS worker said: "No one could believe how big Sharon was. She was so fat she could not walk."

Source: ANI

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