by VR Sreeraman on  December 27, 2007 at 7:47 PM Lifestyle News
Brit Women's 2008 Wish List: Rich Husband, Better Sex and Slender Body
It seems that Brit women want their new year to be a stylish one, for a survey has revealed that their wish list for 2008 includes a rich husband and losing weight.

The survey conducted by Diva TV found that in terms of fantasy ambition, British women's top choices are travelling the world, running a successful business and learning a language.

The fourth New Year wish featured on their list is marriage to a wealthy man, making it a more popular fantasy than gaining a university degree or having children, reports the Sydney Morning Herald.

Their other popular choices are - winning X Factor and starring in a film opposite a Hollywood heartthrob.

When quizzed about which single thing would improve their quality of life, weighing less featured on the top of their agenda.

Other things that could enhance their lifestyle included having a better home, a new wardrobe, better sex, and cosmetic surgery.

Source: ANI

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