by Tanya Thomas on  August 20, 2008 at 9:38 AM Lifestyle News
 Brit Women Drivers Turning Killers Thanks to TV Star
"Ugly Betty" and disregard for prescription glasses have turned Britain's female drivers into killers. A new study has revealed that nearly 3.8 million women drive without wearing glasses, hence putting their own lives and those of others at tremendous risk-simply because they can't see properly.

The not only put their own lives on the line, but also the lives of others because they are not able to see properly.

The main reason they refuse to wear the eyeglasses is because they think specs make them look like TV's gawky Ugly Betty.

Insurance companies suffer a heavy loss from it too, as the study conducted for insurers Sheilas' Wheels revealed that 14 million female motorists need glasses to meet the legal requirement of reading a car number at 70ft.

But even knowing the danger they are in without the glasses, one in four regularly drives without them, with one in five having had a crash or close shave within the past year as a result.

According to the study, it was found that one in 16 believes they are safe to get behind the wheel despite their poor vision, and many admitted to forgetting to keep prescriptions up to date or carry spare specs in their cars.

Kelly Plahay, director of charity The Eyecare Trust, said that with so many options available these days, women should not find an excuse not to use them.

"With so many fashionable glasses and contact lenses now there is no excuse," British tabloid The Sun quoted her as saying.

Source: ANI

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