Brit Toddlers Cost Their Country 552 Million Pounds Per Year!

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 20 2008 9:02 AM

Brit toddlers can be a whole lot more expensive than you ever imagined! A new-fangled survey has shown that Britain’s tiny tots’ havoc-wrecking sprees cross well over the whopping 552 million pounds per year in the island nation! All this just to repair the damage the little monsters cause!

According to the survey of 700 households, conducted by Santander Insurance UK, the average bill for repair damage caused by their own or friends' kids chalk up to 221 pounds.

Nearly 2.5 million people agreed that they had suffered broken ornaments, furniture, and other damage from reckless children.

"Dealing with the damage caused can be inconvenient, costly and cause unwanted tension," the Daily Star quoted Head Tony Beckwith as saying.