Brit School Bans Halloween Specialties: Trick N Treating Sans Broomsticks and Devil's Forks

by Tanya Thomas on Oct 27 2008 12:23 PM

 Brit School Bans Halloween Specialties: Trick N Treating Sans Broomsticks and Devil
Halloween can never be the same again without these little toys but a British nursery has labeled them dangerous and ‘hazardous to health’. The traditional broomstick and pitchfork, according to the Langham Pre-School near Colchester in Essex, is now disallowed Halloween.
Due to health and safety fears, the pre-school's committee decided upon the ban, especially after a child was hurt last year.

However, it did not sit well with the parents, who have criticized it as health and safety gone too far.

Sally Cowley, a 39-year-old mother-of-two who runs the nearby Boxted mother and toddler group, finds the decision sad.

"I think it's sad it has come to this. It's the same as banning conkers," the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

"I think we need to really think sensibly about things before we ban them, rather than being pushed into doing something because someone says something might happen," she said.

The fancy-dress party, which is held at the village community centre, has been running for six years in a row, and it is the nursery's main fundraiser, attracting about 100 children and their families.

John Smith, who is the pre-school committee's chairman and a primary school headteacher, defended the decision.

"It was not a whim, it was a considered decision," he said.

"Last year, a child brought a full-size broomstick and another child got hurt.

"It's common practice when you have children running round you don't have broomsticks or forks," he stated.

A spokesman for the Pre-school Learning Alliance added: "Banning broomsticks at a Halloween party, however well-meaning, is taking health and safety a little to the extreme."


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