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 Brit Mom Saves Her Baby
A Britain mom was told by doctors to end her pregnancy, but she refused to follow their advice and ended up saving her daughter's life.

Sofia Taylor, 22, who has three other girls - Saffron, six, Mia, three and Sienna, two with her husband Chris, was told to take pills to terminate the pregnancy after medics said a scan showed no heartbeat.

But following on a mother's intuition, she refused and insisted on waiting eight days for another scan, which in turn showed her daughter Bella-Mae was alive. Sofia had her scan at Brighton's Royal Sussex County Hospital.

"They said, 'You have had a miscarriage and your baby has died'. There was no compassion," the Sun quoted Sofia as saying.

"They told me to get rid of the baby - but after three children, I knew what being pregnant felt like.

"I even remember Chris saying, 'Just take the tablets' because he trusted the doctors. I even started to hate him a bit.

"She is our little miracle. I can't put her down, she's so precious. I look at her thinking, 'If I'd taken the tablets, she wouldn't be here'. They'd have killed her in four hours," she said.

Bella-Mae faced another battle for life after being born prematurely. She was in an incubator in intensive care and treated for jaundice but she is now back home in Peacehaven, East Sussex.

"I wanted to call her Lucky! Now she is here, it's amazing. The staff who delivered Bella-Mae were incredible. But we are still angry," Chris added.

NHS Trust boss Duncan Selbie has apologised and held a probe to avoid further blunders at the hospital, which carries out 6,000 scans a year.

"Human error of this sort is extremely unusual," he stated.

Source: ANI

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