Brit Man Says Tesco’s Honey Cured Chronic Eye Infection

by Kathy Jones on Jul 26 2012 7:58 PM

 Brit Man Says Tesco’s Honey Cured Chronic Eye Infection
A 62-year old man revealed that he was able to cure his chronic eye infection thanks to Tesco’s Everyday Value honey.
Frank Dougan, a former DJ who played for a string of famous names such as Rod Stewart and Shirley Bassey, said that he lost his left eye in a childhood incident when he was shot with an arrow and suffered from a painful condition known as blepharitis for the past eight years. He spent hundreds of pounds searching for the right eye drops over the years without any success.

Dougan said that he suffered from a cut when holidaying in Jerusalem and was told to apply honey which cured the cut overnight. When he came back to Glasgow, he attempted the same treatment by applying Tesco’s honey on his eyelid twice a week and found that the infection was gone within a few weeks.

“I went to the optician a few weeks ago after using the honey, and she said she couldn’t find any trace of blepharitis. I’ve been all over the world and seen terrible illnesses in places where people can’t afford to go to the doctor. To find a cure that’s so cheap could help so many people”, he said.