Brit Hotel In Bali Requests Guests To "Bring Your Own Alcohol" As the Country Runs Dry

by Tanya Thomas on Aug 25 2009 8:34 AM

In an unusual instance, a British-owned hotel in Bali has reportedly requested its guests to bring in some extra alcohol.

After the re-election of Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono as Indonesian president last month, the nation's liquor importation laws have been further tightened.

The government has cracked down on illegal alcohol importation too.

And now, the booze stocks are so low and prices so high that a particular hotel has resorted to asking guests to import alcohol, promising reimbursement.

The hotel is apparently asking quests for namely top-shelf spirits and wine.

Australia-Indonesia Business Council claims that 90 per cent of liquor found in the country is illegally imported in order to avoid the 200 per cent duties and taxes generally levied.

"It's not because they can't get access to suppliers, it's more to do with ... the procedure for clearing wine through customs has been tightened up considerably," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted Ross Taylor, the national vice-president of the Australia Indonesia Business Council as telling Radio 6PR.