by Shirley Johanna on  November 6, 2015 at 6:35 PM Obesity News
Brisk Walking More Effective Than Gym Workouts To Lose Weight
A new study has found that brisk walking helps to reduce excess weight than going to the gym.

Men over 50 years of age and women of all ages who regularly walked for more than 30 minutes were found to weigh less than those who took part in other vigorous activities such as jogging and cycling.

A study from the London School of Economics found that people who walked a lot had lower Body Mass Index and smaller waists than those who took part in regular sport.

Dr Grace Lordan, a specialist in health economics who led the research, compared the measurements of people who took part in activities that increased heart rate and caused sweating.

The researcher compared people who did fast-paced walking for half an hour to those who did the same amount of house work, manual labor and sports.

Measurements such as BMI and waistline showed that men and women who regularly walked briskly for more than 30 minutes had lower BMI and smaller waists than those who engaged in regular activities.

The findings were based on physical activity levels from the annual Health Survey for England between 1999 and 2012.

The researcher believes that a campaign to promote the health benefits of walking would be a more effective way to tackle obesity.

Dr Lordan said, "Walking has also been linked to better physical and mental health. So, a simple policy that 'every step counts' may be a step towards curbing the upward trend in obesity rates and beneficial for other health conditions."

Source: Medindia

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