by Dr. Sunil Shroff on  March 14, 2008 at 12:39 PM Cholesterol News
Bringing Down ‘Bad’ Cholesterol Could Prevent Thousands Of Deaths
The increased levels of cholesterol take away about 25,000 lives annually and this has become a serious health hazard in Australia. The new research by Doctors at the George Institute in Camperdown says that lowering down the cholesterol level by just 10 percent could cut the mortality rate considerably.

A complete alteration of life style by blending exercises with low saturated diet will substantially reduce the risks of heart attacks and strokes, which would inturn, benefit a wide range of people irrespective of their age, sex or initial cholesterol levels. About 3000 lives could be saved annually, if people are encouraged to follow these changes.

Researchers also point out that life style modifications work better than consuming pills to low the cholesterol levels.

"These are quite significant findings," said Dr Rachel Huxley, the institute's director of nutrition and lifestyle.

"We're not talking drugs; we're talking simple diet and exercise changes that an individual can make to lower their LDL in less than a month."

The study also emphasized the importance of increasing awareness among the public about the possible ill effects brought by regularly consuming convenience meals, takeaway foods, confectionary, cakes and biscuits, which is very common in Australia.

Source: Medindia

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