Breath Test can Detect Stomach Cancer With 90% Accuracy

by Savitha C Muppala on Mar 7 2013 10:26 PM

 Breath Test can Detect Stomach Cancer With 90% Accuracy
In the United Kingdom nearly 7000 new cases of cancer is diagnosed each year. It is a known fact that early diagnosis of cancer can improve the prognosis of the disease. A recent study has found that a simple breath test is capable of detecting stomach cancer.
This can make a huge difference in the way cancer diagnosis is made. The breath test also detects stomach cancer with 90% accuracy.

Chemical profiles are distinct to patients with stomach cancer and the test looks at such profiles in the exhaled breath. This idea works on the theory that a signature smell of volatile organic compounds is given off during cancer and can be spotted with a precise technical medical kit.

Researchers have been mulling over the idea of having a number of breath tests for a number of cancers. The breath tests are able to spot cancer 90% of the time and can also make out the difference between early and late-stage stomach cancers. These tests are also capable of distinguishing stomach cancer from other complaints of the stomach.

Kate Law, director of clinical research at Cancer Research UK, said: "The results of this latest study are promising - although large scale trials will now be needed to confirm these findings. Only one in five people are able to have surgery as part of their treatment as most stomach cancers are diagnosed at stages that are too advanced for surgery. Any test that could help diagnose stomach cancers earlier would make a difference to patients' long-term survival."