Breast Cancer and Pregnancy: New Research

by Kathy Jones on Feb 10 2012 9:26 PM

 Breast Cancer and Pregnancy: New Research
A new study published in The Lancet medical journal has said that pregnant women suffering from breast cancer can be safely treated with surgery or chemotherapy and still manage to deliver babies at full term.
The researchers said that there was no need to deliver the babies early and revealed that terminating the pregnancy had no bearing on the survival chances of the women.

The researchers said that surgery can be safely conducted in any of the three trimesters while chemotherapy can be used without any problems in the second and third trimesters. The researchers added that undergoing chemotherapy during pregnancy had no ill effect on the womb.

“The new insights we gained during our research facilitate cancer treatment and provide hope for mother and child in most cases. Most mothers feel stronger and are even more motivated to undergo the cancer treatment and its side effects, since she is fighting for her child as well”, lead researcher Dr Frederic Amant from the Leuven Cancer Institute in Belgium, said.