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 Breakthrough Laser Surgery Could Be a Boon for People With Shortsightedness
People who are shortsighted are being given better vision than they were born with, courtesy eye surgeons who are using breakthrough laser technology.

The treatment allows patients to read a car number plate 80 yards away, four times better than the minimum standard required for driving.

"The results being achieved with these new machines are simply amazing. People talk about 20-20 vision being the most perfect vision that anyone can have but now we've broken through that barrier," the Daily Express quoted David Allamby, a former Moorfields Eye Hospital surgeon who is using the new 'bionic' technology, as saying.

The breakthrough in giving patients vision beyond 20-20 is due to a new cool laser that precisely cuts a flap in the cornea at the start of treatment.

A second laser then reshapes the cornea to correct short sight.

Allamby conducted a year-long trial of 307 patients and has achieved 20-14 or even 20-12 vision in 47 per cent of cases.

Source: ANI

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