by Savitha C Muppala on  May 27, 2013 at 10:07 PM Research News
Brain Waves Used to Create 3D Printed Object
A technology company from Chile has claimed to print world's first physical object using the power of the mind.

According to technology blog, George Lakowsky, the CTO for Thinker Thing, a self-described "creative group" managed to successfully create an object using a brain-computer interface headset.

Lakowsky used the interface to form a 3-D shape using his thoughts that were then sent to a 3-D printer for fabrication of the object- a cluster of polygons which resembled a toy robot's arm, Fox News reported.

Thinker Things founder Bryan Salt said though the first object Lakowsky created was simple it is still a considerable breakthrough in their project.

He said that Lakowski was able to control an evolutionary process, which grows a 3D object using the small electrical impulses detectable in the brain.

Salt added that the evolving model is created in a form that can be read by the latest 3D printers, which allows them to create objects directed by the mind.

Source: ANI

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