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Brad Pitt's Concern Over Angelina's Weight Gains Support
When Angelina Jolie spoke to her brother James Haven and ex husband Jonny Lee Miller about current beau Brad Pitt's concerns over her weight, she never expected them to side with him, or insist that she needs to put on a few kilos.

Haven also told Ange that she was lucky to have a man like Brad.

The actress' shrinking figure has been blamed on overwork and depression, and has been a sore topic for the past couple for months. Brad, 43, has been unable to say or do anything to make a difference because every time he mentions it, an insider reveals that Jolie 'flips'.

"In Touch" magazine reports that Brad and Angie are very keen to have another baby and had even planned on being in China next year to await the birth of their next child. But that was before they knew it would take so long for her to get pregnant.

At the time of Shiloh, Angie had no problem conceiving. Not so this time. Experts blame the weight loss for this. Dr Christiane Northrup an ob-gyn who does not treat Angelina says "underweight women often don't have enough body fat to maintain the normal hormone levels necessary for ovulation."

Angelina's inability to conceive has caused more tension in her relationship with Brad. She flew to LA for an appointment with her doctor and has since gained a few pounds. She was seen on a few occasions eating ice cream with her son Maddox. But even then she didn't look like she was enjoying eating it.

Dr jason Rothbart who delivered her daughter Shiloh in Namibia has given her a solemn warning that she needs to put on weight if she wants to conceive another child.

Source: ANI

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