by Tanya Thomas on  September 8, 2009 at 11:02 AM Lifestyle News
 Boys Want The Limelight, Girls Affection When It Comes To Career Choices
A new UK study has found that while boys aspire to take up a job that would catapult them to limelight, girls would prefer to choose roles as care-givers.

The survey involving 2,000 adults, showed that majority of the men admitted that they dreamt of playing professional football as a boy.

Other options included being a successful tycoon or an adored pop star.

However, girls were happy to settle for nurturing roles such as teaching, being a doctor or even a vet.

Although the stringent gender roles are now often viewed as a stereotypical, jobs are probably associated with their feminine and masculine qualities.

But the survey conducted by Careers Advice Service also revealed that three out of four people had different career goals now than when they were children.

And most of the respondents admitted their early inclinations were not realistic.

"Having career goals and aspirations are so important, not only for our sense of job satisfaction, but also for achieving a better life balance," the Daily Express quoted Jon Gamble of the Learning and Skills Council as saying.

"In the 21st century workplace it's increasingly likely that we will move from one industry to another and for our career ambitions to change accordingly," Gamble added.

Source: ANI

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