Born 16 Weeks Premature, She Now Turns 10-week-old

by Anubha Sinha on May 13 2014 9:05 PM

 Born 16 Weeks Premature, She Now Turns 10-week-old
This baby was born only at 24 weeks, but after fighting all the odds, she has turned 10-week-old.
Emily Cressey, born 16 weeks premature, is one of the youngest babies to have been born in Scotland. Emily’s mother Claire Cressey fed her with the bottle for the first time.

“To see her take a bottle was wonderful, I'm so grateful for this time, so precious, when you fight to keep your baby alive for so long you often overlook these simple kind of moments, just like we did her jabs,” said Claire.

According to the British law, a baby can be aborted at 24 weeks. “To hold Emily with a bottle, her tubes seemed to vanish and the moment became real, gazing down at my baby watching her feed felt so right and I'm so thankful at the same time,” said Claire.

Initially, she was put on a ventilator. Later, she was provided with a continuous positive airway pressure machine that helped her lungs develop until they could function on their own.

Her father Alan Coultas and siblings Caitlin, 8, Millie, 4, and Brooke, 17 months, celebrated her weekly survival with cake and candles. At first her weight was just 1Ib 3oz, but now it has reached 3Ib 15oz.


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