by VR Sreeraman on  May 24, 2010 at 4:08 PM Women Health News
 Bored Women at High Risk of Becoming Obese
Bored women are 'auto-eating' their way into a bigger dress size in weeks by eating as much calories as a Big Mac in a single day, found a study.

The study of 5,000 adults, carried out by slimming aid firm APPEsat, revealed that a quarter of the food eaten each day is consumed by people who are not even hungry.

Typically, women are over-eating by 520 calories a day, piling on 7lbs - equal to a dress size - in as many weeks.

A Big Mac contains 492 calories.

Men also eat an extra 650 calories a day.

And researchers have found that boredom is the main reason for auto-eating.

Women are more prone than men, especially if they are also upset.

"Controlling what you eat is not simply a matter of willpower, it is about being aware of the desire to eat and understanding your your relationship with food," the Daily Express quoted nutritionist Mary Strugar, who coined the auto-eating term.

Source: ANI

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