by Tanya Thomas on  August 30, 2008 at 5:04 PM Child Health News
Bones and Muscles Strengthened in Teenagers By Physical Activity
A new study has proved that to boost bone and muscle strength, all teenagers need to do are warm-ups like jumping and skipping. Reports claim that even a short duration of such activity can work wonders.

According to researchers, high impact activities that can easily be incorporated into warm-ups before sports and physical education classes, have been shown to benefit bone health in adolescents.

The study found that the 10 minute school-based intervention, provided twice a week for about eight months, significantly improved bone and muscle strength in healthy teenagers compared to regular warm-ups.

Physiotherapist Ben Weeks said the warm-up which included tuck jumps, star jumps, side lunges and skipping with gradually increasing complexity and repetitions, was specifically designed to apply a bone-stimulating mechanical load on the skeleton.

Students worked up to about 300 jumps per session by the end of the study.

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