Bogus Mince Meat?

by Kathy Jones on Jul 24 2010 9:40 PM

 Bogus Mince Meat?
A government sponsored research in Britain has found that mince meat which is being marketed as a low fat food in fact contains more than the standard product available in the market.
According to the research commissioned by the Local Government Regulation body, the “lean” version of the mince meat contains more than 25 percent of fat compared to the standardized version.

Mince meat available in supermarket stores have come under the scanner with the report revealing that the meat available in such stores contain as much as 67 percent more fat compared to meat from a butcher’s shop.

“When it comes to labelling minced beef, confusion reigns supreme. For a consumer to try to purchase a product with a specific fat content, the chances of them getting what they want are a bit of a lottery”, the Local Government Regulation chairman Paul Bettison said.