Blondes Preferred by Men on Dating Sites

by Kathy Jones on Sep 1 2012 3:42 PM

 Blondes Preferred by Men on Dating Sites
A survey carried out by dating site Twoo.Com has revealed that majority of men were more likely to choose women with blonde hair compared to any other hair color.
The survey found that more than 27 percent of the most popular profiles on their website were of blondes, with the report adding that the presence of a high number of blondes on television or movie screens conditioning us to find them to be more attractive.

The survey also found that the most important features that men look in women were their eyes and smile while just over 2 percent of men preferred women with a “supermodel” figure compared to 27 percent who liked curvy women.

“Society has created this blonde versus brunette divide. The more we see something in our daily lives, the more we like something. People are quite realistic generally speaking”, London Metropolitan University psychologist Dr Simon Moore said.