by Nancy Needhima on  July 22, 2012 at 11:00 PM General Health News
'Bliss', Windows' Wallpaper Among the Most Viewed Photos Ever
'Bliss', the Windows XP's wallpaper, is among the most viewed photos of all time, reveals a report.

Published in 2002, the photo which O'Rear snapped while he was on a break from another assignment in California's Napa Valley, got most of its distribution as the default desktop wallpaper for Microsoft's Windows XP's "Luna" theme.

O'Rear, a former National Geographic staffer, didn't disclose what Microsoft paid for rights to the photo, but claimed that it was "extraordinary".

He said he would be "in deep trouble" if he revealed the price and that he did not want to quit his day job at the time Microsoft paid him for it.

"Did Bill Gates quit his day job when he made his first gazillion dollars? It appears he didn't. Nor do I want to quit my day job just because of the Bliss photo. The fun is just beginning!," the Sydney Morning Herald quoted O'Rear, as saying.

Long acknowledged for its exposure across the globe, the photo drew attention once again on Monday when a photo blog claimed the audience for the photo had reached a billion.

Source: ANI

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