Bipolar Disorder Behind Britney's Bizarre Behaviour?

by Jayashree on Aug 18 2007 12:33 PM

Britney Spears' bizarre behaviour over the past few months has experts wondering whether she's suffering from bipolar disorder.

In the article titled "Britney on Hold," Allure quotes NYC psychotherapist Jane Greer as saying that star suffers from bipolar disorder.

"Her behaviour suggests bipolar disorder," quoted Greer.

"The manic episodes with impulsivity and loss of control - the flashing, the head shaving, the hitting the photographer's car with the umbrella - are what we see," she says.

Greer, in the Allure article, points to an incident in June when Britney publicly delivered a letter to her mother Lynne telling her to stay away from her sons Sean Preston and Jayden James.

"Part of manic behavior is a flight from reality and the anger. People who are manic get angry at people who try to take away their high - like her mother, for example - by introducing any element of reality," Greer added.

The article appears in place of Britney's interview, after the singer missed four appointments with the mag.