Biographer Portrays Steve Jobs as 'Petulant, Brittle, Mean'

by Nancy Needhima on Jul 17 2012 3:26 PM

Biographer Portrays Steve Jobs as
Steve Jobs, who gifted the world with iPhone, iPod and iMac, was a very petulant and mean person, in the opinion of the biographer of late Apple co-founder.
"He (Jobs) was very petulant. He was very brittle. He could be very, very mean to people at times," Walter Isaacson, who took over 40 interviews with Jobs, had revealed.

"Whether it was to a waitress in a restaurant, or to a guy who had stayed up all night coding, he could just really just go at them and say, "You're doin' this all wrong. It's horrible," Isaacson said.

"And you'd say, "Why did you do that? Why weren't you nicer?" And he'd say, "I really wanna be with people who demand perfection. And this is who I am," he added.

According to CBS, eight years ago, Jobs asked Isaacson, a former editor of TIME Magazine, if he would write his biography.

Isaacson, who has done books about Benjamin Franklin and Albert Einstein, thought the request presumptuous and premature, since Jobs was still a young man.

According to the report, what Isaacson didn't know at the time, and only a few people did, was that Jobs was about to undergo surgery for pancreatic cancer and was feeling his mortality.