Binge Drinking Almost Took 21-year-old Megan’s Life

by Savitha C Muppala on Sep 3 2013 12:00 AM

 Binge Drinking Almost Took  21-year-old Megan’s Life
This is a lesson Megan Thomason will never forget. On that eventful night, little did she realize that her binge drinking almost cost her life and that she would have never survived to tell her tale.
Twenty-one-year-old Megan Thomason got seriously ill for 24 hours after she downed triple shots of vodka which damaged her windpipe.

She vomited and had to be rushed to hospital after her face and neck was swollen so much that she almost suffocated. She was diagnosed with surgical emphysema.

‘It was the worst experience of my whole life,’ said Miss Thomason. ‘People say they get hung over but I nearly died. Because they were triples, it was actually the equivalent of nine drinks and you don’t think of that at the time.

‘I was just in shock when I realised how serious it was.’

Anti-nausea medication did not work on her. Her face was swollen as she lacked the enzymes required to break down alcohol. ‘It was just one night out for a few drinks and it left me in hospital for a week, I could have died,’ she said.

After this ghastly experience, she feels it is not worth it to have alcohol and has just decided to give it up.