Binge Drinkers may Have to Make Do With Minimum Pricing

by Rajashri on Sep 29 2009 11:17 PM

Doctors in Britain are urging the government to set a minimum price for alcoholic drinks claiming that such a move will not only fill the government coffers, but also reduce the price load on consumers.

In his report, Dr Chris Record who works as a consultant gastroenterologist at the Royal Victoria Infirmary writes that pricing a minimum of 50p on a unit of alcohol will make binge drinking that much more expensive and allow the government to exercise full control.

"The fact is, 80 per cent of alcohol purchases are made by only 30 per cent of the population and at a time when families are finding it more difficult to make ends meet, it is unfair that the moderate-drinking majority should be subsidising a heavy-drinking minority," he said.

Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon said minimum pricing may not be the answer, but added that sensible pricing was required.

The report is published in the journal Clinical Medicine.