Bikini Exposes Fresh Sores on Amy Winehouses' Body

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 2 2007 2:55 PM

Singer Amy Winehouse revealed some fresh sores from shooting up heroin as she was photographed in a bikini during her holiday in the Caribbean Islands.

The Brit soul star’s father-in-law Giles Fielder-Civil has said that the lesions may be new.

“When Amy showed us her body there were no suspicious marks in the joint of her elbow. There was no bruising of any kind,” News Of The World quoted Giles as saying.

"They've been in St Lucia for around six days, since Sunday, and this kind of bruising is maybe two or three days old, I guess, I don't know,” he said.

Winehouse and her hubby Blake Fielder-Civil walked out of an Essex rehab twice before they took-off for a break in St Lucia.

Giles said that one wouldn’t escape to the Caribbean to ‘avoid drugs.

"If you want to avoid drugs you don't go to the Caribbean. I would imagine the dealers of St Lucia thought, ‘Great, we're going to eat for a month now,'" Giles said.

“Last month Blake and Amy showed us they don't inject, and we believed that. I believe they've got a drug problem. If they are injecting they are just on the road to hell," Giles added.