by Sasikala Radhakrishnan on  July 2, 2014 at 11:19 AM Organ Donation News
Bihar Doctor Undergoes Liver-Kidney Transplant
Sanjiv Kumar Sinha, an orthopedician from Bihar, underwent a successful dual liver-kidney transplant in Bangalore.

Dr. Sinha, 60, hails from Bhagalpur and had been suffering from chronic diabetes for the past 25 years and this led to complications such as liver cirrhosis and kidney damage.

The doctor underwent dialysis for a year in Delhi.

In November 2012, he experienced severe shortness of breath and was referred to Global Hospitals in Chennai. There, he was told that his liver got damaged and that he required a liver transplant.

He had to wait for a 6-month long period during which time he also suffered kidney damage.

Finally, in April of this year, the family of a brain dead patient came forward to donate his organs to Dr. Sinha.

At BGS Hospital in Bangalore, a team of multi-organ transplant surgeons and anesthetists operated on their fellow-doctor, first transplanting liver and later the kidneys under the same anesthesia effect.

Dr Rajiv Lochan,  a multi-organ transplant surgeon, explained as it was a case of multiorgan failure the procedure was much complex and risky.

Kaiser Raja, a hepatologist from BGS Global Hospital, said, "Since it was two transplants at once, there was a high risk of infection. We had to minimize the bleeding as well."

Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Sinha thanked his colleagues for their contribution to his regaining health at a thanksgiving gathering on the eve of Doctor's Day.

Source: Medindia

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