Bhopal Woman Made Haircut to 500 Clients in 12 Hours

by Jayashree on Aug 25 2007 6:44 PM

Bhopal Woman Made  Haircut to  500 Clients in 12 Hours
Kanat Sood, a beautician and hair stylist here completed haircuts of 500 clients in twelve hours to beat her male counterparts with speed and accuracy.
"I wanted to do something unique. Many barbers in Bhopal are famous for their speed and accuracy. I thought to set up new yardsticks in the field of women's hair cutting," said Sood.Kanta has mastered different styles of haircut - as razor-cut, diamond, step, blunt, layered and many others.

"This is special because she is cutting so fast and that too with so much perfection," said Shivani, a customer.No wonder in response to her 12-hour marathon 'free service', women of all age groups made a beeline to Kanta's parlour.

"One can easily see her perfection in one minute, particularly a new comer as we regularly get hair cut from her," said Parul Yadav, another customer.Kanta's hair styling charges range from 70 to 500 rupees depending on the style.


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