by Savitha C Muppala on  February 23, 2012 at 11:48 PM Lifestyle News
 Beware of Extremely Tight Belts, Jeans and Neckties
Wearing very tight jeans, belts and neck ties can lead to health problems , reveal experts.

Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause back strain while cinched belts and tight tutus can compress the lateral, femoral cutaneous nerve that runs from the abdomen to the outer thigh, according to an article in Wall Street Journal.

In the article, experts wrote that middle-aged or older men wearing jeans a size or two too small often suffer from abdominal discomfort, distention, heartburn and belching a few hours after eating, the Discovery News reported.

"The diagnosis can be made easily in the office by comparing the size of the trousers with the abdominal girth. There is usually a discrepancy of 7.5 centimeters or more," Dr. Octavio Bessa wrote in an Archives of Internal Medicine report.

Experts told the WSJ that tight shirt collars and neckties can reduce circulation to the brain and increase intraocular pressure - a risk factor for glaucoma.

Those men you're planning on having kids should better stop wearing bike shorts and switch to boxers as experts say compression may hinder sperm count.

They have also warned against too-tight socks and mittens for kids. They say the elastic that keeps those tiny mittens and socks on your toddler's wrists and ankles can leave lasting marks.

Women who love high heels also need to consider their fashion.

Teetering around in heels higher than two inches can shorten the Achilles tendon, the article said.

A study also found that flip-flop wearers clench their toes, which can cause sore calf muscles and alter your natural gait, potentially leading to long-term ankle and hip problems.

Experts also said carrying heavy bags can throw your back out of whack.

In addition, the article noted body piercing could lead to bacterial infections while hair extensions can cause bald spots.

Source: ANI

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