Bestsellers on Dating Advice Contain Sure-to-Fail Myths: Sexpert

by Tanya Thomas on Sep 22 2010 10:41 AM

 Bestsellers on Dating Advice Contain Sure-to-Fail Myths: Sexpert
A sex expert recommends against batting your eyelashes at a guy you want to hook up with. Clever chat-up lines, psychological mind games and body language won't pull him in either.
So what does work with the opposite sex? While the answer to that remains elusive, an expert does have inputs on what can scare potential partners away.

In fact, the best way to hit it off with that person is to be genuine and have fun, said social psychologist Dr Petra Boynton from University College London.

Boynton insisted that dating self-help books evaluate themselves by sales, but there's no way to know whether they work at all based on that.

Boynton debunked common dating myths this week when she invited 60 members of the public to a speed-dating event at Aston University, where they discussed the art of matchmaking.

The best icebreaker might be a simple: "Hello, how are you?"

"If you're thinking about having to present yourself in a particular way and having to manage a line it comes over as contrived," The Age quoted her as saying.

Sexpert dating "rules" debunked:

For men: Chat up lines that you thought were clever, appear contrived and can be horribly fluffed.

"Negging" (offering a "back-handed" compliment) might make a man look confident and self- assured but it is more likely to cause the woman to "run for the hills".

There is no evidence that sitting with one's legs wide open and crotch pointed towards a woman conveys an attractive message.

For women:

Sneaking "peek-a-boo" glances at an admired individual can backfire by being overdone, and even make you look half-witted or mad.

Not calling him first, or not answering his calls, to keep him "on his toes" is bad advice. Instead, he might just walk away.

Sticking your hip out to accentuate your curves is not necessarily seen as a sign of fertility.


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