Being Sweaty Attracts Lovers

by Savitha C Muppala on Feb 18 2012 6:11 PM

 Being Sweaty Attracts Lovers
A book has claimed that being sweaty can help attract new lovers as well as keep the interest alive in current relationships.
Although sweat is often linked with uncleanliness and leaves many of us left feeling embarrassed when it appears but according to scientists, a bit of sweat may not be a bad thing - especially if you are single this Valentine's Day.

"Pheromones are what we call here in Germany Sexuallockstoffe, which work on men and on women alike," the Daily Mail quoted Gabriele Frobose, who co-authored the Royal Society of Chemistry book Lust and Love, Is it More Than Chemistry - with her husband, as saying.

"Those pheromones are included in the sweat. This is why some girls like to wear the T-shirts of their boyfriend and vice versa. When I was young my boyfriend and I changed T-shirts without thinking about what we were doing. I discovered recently that my 19-year-old son is now doing this with his girlfriend."

"This is obviously because there is still some smell of your partner left in the clothes which you like."

According to the book, an example of the appeal of sweat to lovers was highlighted by Napoleon Bonaparte.

He once wrote to his wife Josephine, while he was campaigning, and said: Please don't wash, will arrive in three days."

"This confidential note was transferred by a messenger, and in this specific case, even historians do agree that Napoleon didn't mean that Josephine shouldn't do the laundry. He meant something else," Frobose said.

"There are several notes about smell in our book."

'Even so, it has a been indicated to us that this is something you don't talk about in England. It was explained to me that it is absolutely taboo even to mention it, which is really funny to me.

"It is even said that men can "smell" the time of ovulation. Then, they consider the woman in question the most attractive, - again Mother Nature is calling."

But before those with a sweaty disposition begin to relax, Frobose insisted that too much can be a bad thing.

"Sweat is OK up to a certain degree, everybody knows when they should try and stop it. You can see when somebody is dirty. But all of us are continually perspiring and even if you take deodorant, you keep perspiring."

"This means your natural smell is mixed with the deodorant. What is amazing is that perfume will smell differently on every individual person.

"Thus if you want to test some, do no more than three tests at upmost on your lower two arms and wait for about three minutes. It will take about that time until, the "real smell' will develop definitely," Frobose added.