by Rathi Manohar on  July 12, 2010 at 6:30 PM Women Health News
Being a New Mum - What is So Terrible About That?!
British mothers have expressed their disenchantment over weight gain, stretch marks and restless nights that they feel are the biggest disadvantages of being a new mother.

The report also found more than half of mothers struggle to handle the everyday challenges that a new arrival poses. And two-thirds said it was "harder than they expected it to be".

"Coping night after night with hardly any sleep makes it difficult to recover from childbirth," the Scotsman quoted spokeswoman for, which polled 3,000 mothers, as saying.

"And the months that follow - which are filled with anxiety about weight gain, getting up in the night and the endless washing cycles - can be just as depressing.

"We also found many mums swear they'll never do it again after having a baby, but the good always ends up outweighing the bad," she added.

The study also revealed three-quarters of mothers found the endless nights of sleep deprivation tough to deal with.

Four out of ten said they disliked the weight gain, while one-third said they found it difficult to get over the pain of giving birth. br>
Source: ANI

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